Areas Of Expertise


We are service providers confident in taking you through the full product Development process, start to finish.  Trekr will take your product from idea or napkin sketch to fully functional prototype ready for manufacturing.  What stage are you at?


  • Product Advising

    The early stages of product development are incredibly important.  Is your idea a viable product?  Who are your competitors and what is your go to market strategy?  We’ll work with you to ensure all the right questions are answered before you invest heavily in moving forward.

  • Conception and Scope

    We’ll dive deep into your product’s market, look at aesthetics, trends, mechanics, and define what the complete set of requirements are.  Having a clear scope will ensure the entire process goes as smooth as possible.

  • Product Design

    This phase can be one of the most exciting parts of the process!  It’s time to start getting ideas on paper.  Your product will begin to become real.  It’s important to visualize a direction before investing in 3d Models

  • Engineering & CAD

    Just having a pretty design is useless.  Your product must be manufacturable.  Fully Engineered CAD models allow your product to take one step closer to market.  With these models we can create photo real renderings, 3D printed prototypes, 2D engineering drawings, and send them off to a manufacturer for production and tooling.

  • Rendering

    Rendering is an important, but often under valued part of product development.  The renderings we create are not only pretty pictures for marketing, but help you decide on material finishes, colors, and overall appeal of the product before you invest in inventory.

  • Prototyping

    It’s always good to prototype a few units before investing in tooling and production.  Whether your product is best produced through 3D printing, CNC Machining, RTV Silicon molding, or simply fabricating by hand, we can help connect you to the right resources.

  • Manufacturer Sourcing Assistance

    This is something that can be very tricky for first time product developers.  In most cases, the last thing you want to do is just ask google for “manufacturers in china”.  There’s a better and safer approach.  Let us help you do it right, so you can save immensely down the road.

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We love working with awesome people on awesome projects.  If you have a need at any stage of the design process, from conception to production, please reach out.

We also love tacos, coffee, and talking shop.  If you want to bounce ideas off us, please also feel free to send a hello!

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