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Curve Mobile Glass Markerboard

About this project

Adding Some “Sexy” to the Bland

The evolution of mobile communications is wild… ok, maybe not. But the transition from wall mounted chalk board, to mobile chalk board, to whiteboard, to a now increasing use of “Glassboards” does add a lot more possibilities to how we communicate in various settings.

Mobile markerboards or glassboards are a dime a dozen these days. You can find them on amazon or your local Office Depot. But finding a high end piece of furniture that would fit a corporate conference room or high tech office space is a bit trickier.

We came up with this design to add a bit more style to what usually just gets tucked away in a dark corner.  The custom tubing required a good deal of technical work with the manufacturer, but the results were about as sexy as a mobile markerboard could be.

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