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Makerspace Furniture Line

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Tools & Robots & 3D Printing, Oh My!

STEM has become a common buzz word in schools these days. As curriculum change towards more project based learning, “makerspaces” are becoming a must have. We may see it as a modern day version of shop class, but regardless there is demand.  Markerspace furniture is used for building, modeling, and making all things hands on. It must be durable, flexible, mobile, and provide plenty of storage. That’s exactly what we delivered.

Development of this product line tested our ability to engineer parts using a number of major manufacturing processes.  Injection molding for the Handles.  Plastic extrusion for the sliding tamboured doors.  Bent and welded sheet metal and tubing for the legs and structural members.  Routing, Laminating, and edge-banding for the work surfaces.  And the least expensive of all… sourcing of compatible and reliably available off the shelf parts for the casters, locks, and other hardware.

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