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Reusable Soap Bottle

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Let’s face it. We all have a love hate relationship with plastic. Without it, a vast majority of the products we use on a daily basis could not exist in the form that they do. But we also recognize how environmentally unfriendly products and the existence of plastics is. Disposables are THE worst. Single use bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioners. They use large amounts of plastic which believe it or not, often times cost more than the actual contents you’re purchasing.

This bottle was designed to be easily refilled at vending kiosks that may be setup at local pharmacies or grocery stores. The bottles themselves are made of bamboo, glass, and easily cycled silicon. Filling these kiosks with environmentally friendly cleaners takes it to another level. Similar to the bans in some cities and states on plastic grocery bags and single use water bottles, this product would have the potential to drastically reduce our environmental impact.

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