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RID Breathalyzer

About this project

An Exploration In Future Tech

Public health is a constant battle. Especially in the US where our drive to work through any ailments, to make our paychecks and meet deadlines, actually leads to more harm not only for us, but for those around us.

While technology was not yet cost effective when this project was completed, the concept behind the RID (Rapid Illness Detection) breathalyzer was to embed a sensor that when breathe passed over it, would detect airborne viruses. The RID would be worked into your daily morning routine, with the goal of identifying whether you may be contagious and should stay home for the day, or if you’re in the clear to head out to the normal grind.

This projects made it to a protyping phase and we physically produced the parts on a 3-axis Haas CNC that was at our disposal at the time.

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