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A Chair is a Chair is a Chair

“A Chair is a chair is a chair”. We once heard a sales person say this, and it just didn’t jive with us. As Designers, chair design is a thing. Eames, Breuer, Corbusier, Saarinen. All designers in history known for their chairs.

Now we won’t compare ourselves to these icons of design, yet, but we put a lot of pride into this design. A student chair has to consider many factors. Aesthetics, ergonomics, materials. Will it be comfortable for a student 6-8 hours a day? Will it give them just enough flex to wiggle as they do, but not so much it distracts from their learning? And perhaps most importantly, can it stand up to the abuse it will receive in the classroom? 

Our answer to these challenges was the Hierarchy Chair.  The plastic injection molded shell of the Hierarchy chair required near a 1,000 ton press and a very specific material blend of PE, Nylon, and Glass fill.  It went through many design iterations and durability tests to meet BIFMA standards.  And do date has sold 10’s of thousands of pieces.

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